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Documentation for package ‘admiralvaccine’ version 0.2.0

Help Pages

admiralvaccine_adce Clinical Events Analysis Dataset - Vaccine Specific
admiralvaccine_adface Findings About Clinical Events Analysis Dataset - Vaccine Specific
admiralvaccine_adis Immunogenicity Specimen Assessments Analysis Dataset - Vaccine Specific
admiralvaccine_adsl Subject Level Analysis Dataset - Vaccine Specific
derive_diam_to_sev_records Creating Severity Records From Diameter
derive_fever_records Creating Fever Records
derive_vars_crit Derive Analysis Criterion Evaluation Variables
derive_vars_event_flag Adds Flag Variables for an Occurred Event .
derive_vars_max_flag Creating ANLxxFL Variables To Flag The Maximum Records
derive_vars_merged_vaccine Add New Variable(s) to the Input dataset Based on Variables from Another dataset
derive_vars_params Assigning Parameter Variables
derive_vars_vaxdt Add Vaccination Date Variables to the Output Dataset
derive_var_aval_adis Derive AVAL variable for ADIS ADaM domain
max_flag Creating Maximum Flag
post_process_reacto Post processing function for ADFACE dataset