Empirically Informed Random Trajectory Generation in 3-D

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Documentation for package ‘eRTG3D’ version 0.7.0

Help Pages

chiMaps Chi maps of two variables
dem Example digital elevation model (DEM)
dem2track.extent Crops the DEM to the extent of the track with a buffer
dist2point.3d Distance of each track point to a given point
dist2target.3d Distance to target
eRTG3D eRTG3D: Empirically Informed Random Trajectory Generator in 3-D
filter.dead.ends Remove dead ends
get.densities.3d Extract tldCube and autodifference approximation functions
get.glideRatio.3d Calculate glide ratio
get.section.densities.3d Extract tldCube and autodifferences functions from track sections
get.track.densities.3d Extract tldCube and autodifferences functions from a consistent track
is.sf.3d Tests if the object is a simple feature collection (class: "sf, data.frame")
lift2target.3d Lift angle to target
logRasterStack Converts a rasterStack to logarithmic scale
movingMedian Moving median in one dimension
n.sim.cond.3d Conditional Empirical Random Walks (CERW) in 3-D
n.sim.glidingSoaring.3d Simulates multiple 'gliding & soaring' tracks with a given number of gliding steps
niclas Example track data.frame
parpbapply Parallel apply with progressbar
parpblapply Parallel lapply with progressbar
parpbsapply Parallel sapply with progressbar
plot2d Plot function to plot the 3-D tracks in 2-D plane
plot3d Plot track(s) with a surface of a digital elevation model in three dimensions
plot3d.densities Density plots of turn angle, lift angle and step length
plot3d.multiplot Multiple plot function for ggplot objects
plot3d.tldCube Visualize turn-lift-step histogram
plotRaster Plots a rasterLayer or rasterStack
qProb.3d Q probabilities for n steps
reproduce.track.3d Reproduce a track with the eRTG3D
saveImageSlices Export a dataCube as image slice sequence
sf2df.3d Converts a sf data.frame to a normal dataframe
sim.cond.3d Conditional Empirical Random Walk (CERW) in 3-D
sim.crw.3d Simulation of a three dimensional Correlated Random Walk
sim.glidingSoaring.3d Simulates 'gliding & soaring' track with a given number of gliding steps
sim.uncond.3d Unconditional Empirical Random Walk (UERW) in 3-D
test.eRTG.3d Test the functionality of the eRTG3D
test.verification.3d Statistical Verification of the simulated track
track.extent Extent of track(s)
track.properties.3d Track properties of a 3-D track
track.split.3d This function splits the by outliers in the time lag.
track2sf.3d Converts a track to a "sf, data.frame"
transformCRS.3d Transform coordinates reference system (CRS) of a 3-D track
turn2target.3d Turn angle to target
turnLiftStepHist Three dimensional histogram
voxelCount Apply voxel counting on a point cloud