Comparison of Survival Curves Between Two Groups

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Documentation for package ‘ComparisonSurv’ version 1.1.1

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ComparisonSurv-package Comparison of survival curves between two groups
Crossdata The Data with Survival Curves Crossed
crosspoint Produce The Cross Time Point When Two Survival Curves Crossed Each Other
Cumhazard.plot Plot for Cumulative Hazard Function
Descriptive.stat Summarize Descriptive Statistics Commonly Used in Survival Data
Fixpoint.test Statistical inference methods for testing at a fixed time point
Hazard.plot Plot for Kernel-Based Hazard Function
Long.test Statistical Inference Methods for Testing After a Specified Time Point
Overall.test Statistical Inference Methods for Overall Hypothesis Tests
PHdata The Data Satisfied Proportional Hazard Assumption
Short.test Statistical Inference Methods for Testing Before a Specified Time Point
Survival.plot Plot for Cumulative Survival Function