Datetimes with Optional UTC Offsets and/or Heterogeneous Time Zones

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Documentation for package ‘datetimeoffset’ version 0.3.1

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-- A --

as.Date.datetimeoffset Convert to other datetime objects
as.POSIXct.datetimeoffset Convert to other datetime objects
as.POSIXlt.datetimeoffset Convert to other datetime objects
as_datetimeoffset Coerce to "datetimeoffset" objects
as_datetimeoffset.character Coerce to "datetimeoffset" objects
as_datetimeoffset.clock_iso_year_week_day Coerce to "datetimeoffset" objects
as_datetimeoffset.clock_naive_time Coerce to "datetimeoffset" objects
as_datetimeoffset.clock_sys_time Coerce to "datetimeoffset" objects
as_datetimeoffset.clock_year_day Coerce to "datetimeoffset" objects
as_datetimeoffset.clock_year_month_day Coerce to "datetimeoffset" objects
as_datetimeoffset.clock_year_month_weekday Coerce to "datetimeoffset" objects
as_datetimeoffset.clock_year_quarter_day Coerce to "datetimeoffset" objects
as_datetimeoffset.clock_zoned_time Coerce to "datetimeoffset" objects
as_datetimeoffset.Date Coerce to "datetimeoffset" objects
as_datetimeoffset.datetimeoffset Coerce to "datetimeoffset" objects
as_datetimeoffset.default Coerce to "datetimeoffset" objects
as_datetimeoffset.integer Coerce to "datetimeoffset" objects
as_datetimeoffset.nanotime Coerce to "datetimeoffset" objects
as_datetimeoffset.numeric Coerce to "datetimeoffset" objects
as_datetimeoffset.partial_time Coerce to "datetimeoffset" objects
as_datetimeoffset.POSIXt Coerce to "datetimeoffset" objects
as_date_time.datetimeoffset Convert to other datetime objects
as_year_quarter_day.datetimeoffset Convert to other datetime objects
as_zoned_time.datetimeoffset Convert to other datetime objects

-- D --

datetimeoffset Datetime object with optional UTC offsets and/or timezones
datetimeoffset-invalid Invalid datetimeoffset datetimes
datetimeoffset_now Various "datetimeoffset" object utilities
datetimeoffset_utilities Various "datetimeoffset" object utilities
datetime_at_tz Change time zones while preserving UTC time
datetime_at_tz.clock_zoned_time Change time zones while preserving UTC time
datetime_at_tz.datetimeoffset Change time zones while preserving UTC time
datetime_at_tz.default Change time zones while preserving UTC time
datetime_at_tz.POSIXt Change time zones while preserving UTC time
datetime_cast Widen/narrow datetime precision
datetime_cast.default Widen/narrow datetime precision
datetime_narrow Widen/narrow datetime precision
datetime_narrow.clock_calendar Widen/narrow datetime precision
datetime_narrow.clock_time_point Widen/narrow datetime precision
datetime_narrow.datetimeoffset Widen/narrow datetime precision
datetime_narrow.POSIXt Widen/narrow datetime precision
datetime_precision Datetime precision
datetime_precision.clock_calendar Datetime precision
datetime_precision.clock_time_point Datetime precision
datetime_precision.clock_zoned_time Datetime precision
datetime_precision.datetimeoffset Datetime precision
datetime_precision.nanotime Datetime precision
datetime_widen Widen/narrow datetime precision
datetime_widen.clock_calendar Widen/narrow datetime precision
datetime_widen.clock_time_point Widen/narrow datetime precision
datetime_widen.datetimeoffset Widen/narrow datetime precision
datetime_widen.POSIXt Widen/narrow datetime precision

-- F --

fill_tz Fill in missing time zones and/or UTC offsets
fill_utc_offsets Fill in missing time zones and/or UTC offsets
format Convert datetime objects to character
format.datetimeoffset Convert datetime objects to character
format_edtf Convert datetime objects to character
format_exiftool Convert datetime objects to character
format_iso8601 Convert datetime objects to character
format_nanotime Convert datetime objects to character
format_pdfmark Convert datetime objects to character
format_strftime Convert datetime objects to character
from_datetimeoffset Convert to other datetime objects

-- G --

getset_utc_offsets Get/set UTC offset strings
getters Get datetime components
get_day.datetimeoffset Get datetime components
get_hour.datetimeoffset Get datetime components
get_hour_offset Get datetime components
get_hour_offset.datetimeoffset Get datetime components
get_hour_offset.default Get datetime components
get_hour_offset.POSIXt Get datetime components
get_microsecond.datetimeoffset Subsecond helper getter/setter
get_millisecond.datetimeoffset Subsecond helper getter/setter
get_minute.datetimeoffset Get datetime components
get_minute_offset Get datetime components
get_minute_offset.datetimeoffset Get datetime components
get_minute_offset.default Get datetime components
get_minute_offset.POSIXt Get datetime components
get_month.datetimeoffset Get datetime components
get_nanosecond.datetimeoffset Get datetime components
get_second.datetimeoffset Get datetime components
get_subsecond Subsecond helper getter/setter
get_subsecond.datetimeoffset Subsecond helper getter/setter
get_subsecond_digits Get datetime components
get_subsecond_digits.datetimeoffset Get datetime components
get_subsecond_digits.default Get datetime components
get_tz Get datetime components
get_tz.clock_zoned_time Get datetime components
get_tz.datetimeoffset Get datetime components
get_tz.default Get datetime components
get_tz.POSIXt Get datetime components
get_utc_offsets Get/set UTC offset strings
get_year.datetimeoffset Get datetime components

-- I --

invalid_any.datetimeoffset Invalid datetimeoffset datetimes
invalid_count.datetimeoffset Invalid datetimeoffset datetimes
invalid_detect.datetimeoffset Invalid datetimeoffset datetimes
invalid_remove.datetimeoffset Invalid datetimeoffset datetimes
invalid_resolve.datetimeoffset Invalid datetimeoffset datetimes
is_datetimeoffset Various "datetimeoffset" object utilities

-- J --

julian.datetimeoffset Additional datetime extractors

-- M --

mode_tz Get most common time zone
mode_tz.datetimeoffset Get most common time zone
mode_tz.default Get most common time zone
months.datetimeoffset Additional datetime extractors

-- N --

NA_datetimeoffset_ Various "datetimeoffset" object utilities

-- P --

precision_to_int Datetime precision

-- Q --

quarters.datetimeoffset Additional datetime extractors

-- S --

setters Set datetime components
set_day.datetimeoffset Set datetime components
set_hour.datetimeoffset Set datetime components
set_hour_offset Set datetime components
set_hour_offset.datetimeoffset Set datetime components
set_microsecond.datetimeoffset Subsecond helper getter/setter
set_millisecond.datetimeoffset Subsecond helper getter/setter
set_minute.datetimeoffset Set datetime components
set_minute_offset Set datetime components
set_minute_offset.datetimeoffset Set datetime components
set_month.datetimeoffset Set datetime components
set_nanosecond.datetimeoffset Set datetime components
set_second.datetimeoffset Set datetime components
set_subsecond Subsecond helper getter/setter
set_subsecond.datetimeoffset Subsecond helper getter/setter
set_subsecond_digits Set datetime components
set_subsecond_digits.datetimeoffset Set datetime components
set_tz Set datetime components
set_tz.clock_zoned_time Set datetime components
set_tz.datetimeoffset Set datetime components
set_tz.default Set datetime components
set_utc_offsets Get/set UTC offset strings
set_year.datetimeoffset Set datetime components
subsecond Subsecond helper getter/setter

-- W --

weekdays.datetimeoffset Additional datetime extractors