Fast Bayesian Methods for AB Testing

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Documentation for package ‘bayesAB’ version 1.1.3

Help Pages

banditize Create a multi-armed Bayesian bandit object.
bayesAB bayesAB: Fast Bayesian Methods for A/B Testing
bayesTest Fit a Bayesian model to A/B test data.
c.bayesTest Concatenate bayesTest objects
combine Combine two 'bayesAB' objects given a binary function.
deployBandit Deploy a bayesBandit object as a JSON API.
grab Grab the supplied posterior from a bayesTest object
plot.bayesTest Plot bayesTest objects
plotBeta Plot the PDF of the Beta distribution.
plotDistributions Plot distributions to explore data and/or choose priors.
plotGamma Plot the PDF of the Gamma distribution.
plotInvGamma Plot the PDF of the Inverse Gamma distribution.
plotLogNormal Plot the PDF of the Log Normal distribution.
plotNormal Plot the PDF of the Normal distribution.
plotNormalInvGamma Plot the bivariate PDF of the Normal Inverse Gamma Distribution.
plotPareto Plot the PDF of the Pareto distribution.
plotPoisson Plot the PDF of the Poisson distribution.
rename Rename the posterior for a bayesTest object
summary.bayesTest Summarize bayesTest objects