Confidence Intervals

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Documentation for package ‘confintr’ version 1.0.2

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ci_chisq_ncp CI for the NCP of the Chi-Squared Distribution
ci_cor CI for Correlation Coefficients
ci_cramersv CI for the Population Cramer's V
ci_f_ncp CI for the Non-Centrality Parameter of the F Distribution
ci_IQR CI for the IQR
ci_kurtosis CI for the Kurtosis
ci_mad CI for the MAD
ci_mean CI for the Population Mean
ci_mean_diff CI for the Population Mean Difference
ci_median CI for the Population Median
ci_median_diff CI for the Population Median Difference of two Samples
ci_oddsratio CI for the Odds Ratio
ci_proportion CI for a Population Proportion
ci_quantile CI for a Population Quantile
ci_quantile_diff CI for the Population Quantile Difference of two Samples
ci_rsquared CI for the Population R-Squared
ci_sd CI for the Population Std
ci_skewness CI for the Skewness
ci_var CI for the Population Variance
cramersv Cramer's V
is.cint Type Check
kurtosis Pearson's Measure of Kurtosis
moment Sample Moments
oddsratio Odds Ratio
print.cint Print "cint" Object
se Standard errors
se_mean Standard errors
se_mean_diff Standard errors
se_proportion Standard errors
se_var Standard errors
skewness Sample Skewness