Tools for Working with Recurrence Rules

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Documentation for package ‘almanac’ version 1.0.0

Help Pages

%s+% Create a new stepper
%s-% Create a new stepper
adjustments Date adjustments
adj_following Date adjustments
adj_modified_following Date adjustments
adj_modified_preceding Date adjustments
adj_nearest Date adjustments
adj_none Date adjustments
adj_preceding Date adjustments
almanac-defaults Default values in almanac
almanac_since Default values in almanac
almanac_until Default values in almanac
alma_events Get all events
alma_in Check if dates are in an event set
alma_next Generate the next or previous event
alma_previous Generate the next or previous event
alma_search Search for events
alma_seq Generate date sequences
alma_step Step relative to an rschedule
calendar-add-remove Calendar additions and removals
calendar-locations Calendar locations
cal_add Calendar additions and removals
cal_events Calendar events
cal_match Calendar matching
cal_names Calendar names
cal_next Calendar locations
cal_previous Calendar locations
cal_remove Calendar additions and removals
cal_us_federal US federal calendar
daily Create a recurrence rule
holiday-utilities Holiday utility functions
holidays Holidays
hol_christmas Holidays
hol_christmas_eve Holidays
hol_easter Holidays
hol_good_friday Holidays
hol_halloween Holidays
hol_new_years_day Holidays
hol_new_years_eve Holidays
hol_observe Holiday utility functions
hol_offset Holiday utility functions
hol_rename Holiday utility functions
hol_st_patricks_day Holidays
hol_us_election_day Holidays
hol_us_fathers_day Holidays
hol_us_independence_day Holidays
hol_us_indigenous_peoples_day Holidays
hol_us_juneteenth Holidays
hol_us_labor_day Holidays
hol_us_martin_luther_king_junior_day Holidays
hol_us_memorial_day Holidays
hol_us_mothers_day Holidays
hol_us_presidents_day Holidays
hol_us_thanksgiving Holidays
hol_us_veterans_day Holidays
hol_valentines_day Holidays
monthly Create a recurrence rule
new_rschedule Create a new rschedule
radjusted Create an adjusted rschedule
rcalendar Create a recurring calendar
rcustom Create a custom rschedule
recur_for_count Control the number of times to recur
recur_on_day_of_month Recur on a day of the month
recur_on_day_of_week Recur on a day of the week
recur_on_day_of_year Recur on a day of the year
recur_on_easter Recur on easter
recur_on_interval Recur on an interval
recur_on_month_of_year Recur on a month of the year
recur_on_position Recur on a position within a frequency
recur_on_weekdays Recur on a day of the week
recur_on_weekends Recur on a day of the week
recur_on_week_of_year Recur on a week of the year
recur_with_week_start Control the start of the week
rholiday Create a recurring holiday
rintersect Create a new set-based recurrence schedule
roffset Create an offset rschedule
rrule Create a recurrence rule
rschedule_events Create a new rschedule
rset Create a new set-based recurrence schedule
rsetdiff Create a new set-based recurrence schedule
runion Create a new set-based recurrence schedule
stepper Create a new stepper
weekly Create a recurrence rule
workdays Create a new stepper
yearly Create a recurrence rule