Animation of Multiple Trajectories with Uncertainty

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Documentation for package ‘anipaths’ version 0.10.3

Help Pages

animate_paths animate paths
blur_point blur ellipses function
check_overwrite Check overwrite
covariate_interp Synchronous interpolation of covariate using either GAM (same as paths) or piece-wise constant if covariate is a factor
gam_interp GAM interpolation using 'mgcv:gam()'.
get_googlemap_min_scale Figure out scale and centering of google map by transforming reported lat long bounding box back to web mercator
googlemap_proj adjust center + scale for google map plotting
network_interp Synchronous interpolation of network using piece-wise constant interpolation
new_alpha Get good alpha_mult
paths_gam_interp Synchronous GAM interpolation of all paths
plot.paths_animation Plot animation path interpolation
vultures GPS locations of turkey vultures.
whales GPS locations of three species of whales.