Copula-Based Sensitivity Analysis for Observational Causal Inference

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Documentation for package ‘CopSens’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

bcalibrate Calibration for Binary Outcomes
cali_mean_ybinary_algm Calibrate Estimate of Intervention Mean for Binary Outcome
cal_rv Calculate Robustness Value When Executing Worstcase Calibration
GaussianT_BinaryY Dataset with Gaussian Treatments and Binary Outcomes
GaussianT_GaussianY Dataset with Gaussian Treatments and Outcomes
gcalibrate Calibration for Gaussian Outcomes
get_opt_gamma Obtain Optimized Sensitivity Parameters Using Multivariate Calibration Criterion
micedata Body weight and gene expressions of 287 mice
mice_est_nulltr Estimates of genes' effects on mice body weight using null treatments approach from Miao et al. (2020)
plot_estimates Visualize Estimates of Treatment Effects