Paired Comparison Data Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘CompR’ version 1.0

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CompR-package Paired Comparison Data Analysis
BradleyEstim-class Class '"BradleyEstim"'
ClassDataPairComp Create an object of class DataPairComp
ClassifPaired Classification of paired comparison data
Cocktail Beverages paired comparison
Cocktail_Cum Beverages paired comparison
CompR Paired Comparison Data Analysis
C_piBTL Estimation of Bradley's scores
DataPairComp-class Class '"DataPairComp"'
DataSimulH0 Simulation of paired comparison data
EstimBradley Estimation of Bradley's scores in the different classes of subjects
getCons Gets the individuals labels.
getCons-method Class '"DataPairComp"'
getCons-methods Methods for Function 'getCons'
getCrit Gets the criteria's labels.
getCrit-method Class '"DataPairComp"'
getCrit-methods Methods for Function 'getCrit'
getIc Gets the Information criteria's labels.
getIc-method Class '"BradleyEstim"'
getIc-methods Methods for Function 'getIc'
getLambda Gets the weight of the different classes.
getLambda-method Class '"BradleyEstim"'
getLambda-methods Methods for Function 'getLambda'
getLvr Gets the final value of loglikelihood.
getLvr-method Class '"BradleyEstim"'
getLvr-methods Methods for Function 'getLvr'
getLvriter Gets the iteration done until convergence of the loglikelihood estimation of Bradley's scores.
getLvriter-method Class '"BradleyEstim"'
getLvriter-methods Methods for Function 'getLvriter'
getPaircomp Gets the individual paired comparisons.
getPaircomp-method Class '"DataPairComp"'
getPaircomp-methods Methods for Function 'getPaircomp'
getPi Gets the Bradley's scores.
getPi-method Class '"BradleyEstim"'
getPi-methods Methods for Function 'getPi'
getProd Gets the products labels.
getProd-method Class '"DataPairComp"'
getProd-methods Methods for Function 'getProd'
getRestestglob Gets the result of the test of Bradley's scores equality.
getRestestglob-method Class '"BradleyEstim"'
getRestestglob-methods Methods for Function 'getRestestglob'
getRestestprod Gets the result of the Bradley's scores multiple comparison tests.
getRestestprod-method Class '"BradleyEstim"'
getRestestprod-methods Methods for Function 'getRestestprod'
getSimu Gets the results of Likelihood Ratio Test.
getSimu-method Class '"LvrRatio"'
getSimu-methods Methods for Function 'getSimu'
getTest Gets the level and the quantile of Likelihood ratio test.
getTest-method Class '"LvrRatio"'
getTest-methods Methods for Function 'getTest'
getVarcov Gets the Bradley'scores covariance matrices.
getVarcov-method Class '"BradleyEstim"'
getVarcov-methods Methods for Function 'getVarcov'
getZh Gets the result of the function 'EstimBradley()'
getZh-method Class '"BradleyEstim"'
getZh-methods Methods for Function 'getZh'
ImportData Import data file
LvrRatio-class Class '"LvrRatio"'
Piplot Graphical representation of the Bradley's scores
ResCocktail1 Result of 'EstimBradley' function for 1 class and data 'Cocktail'
ResSimulLvrRatio Log Likelihood Ratio Test for Paired comparison data
show-method Class '"BradleyEstim"'
show-method Class '"DataPairComp"'
show-methods Methods for Function 'show'