BioAcoustic eveNT classifiER

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Documentation for package ‘banter’ version 0.9.6

Help Pages

banter-package BioAcoustic EveNT ClassifiER
addBanterDetector Add a BANTER Detector Model
banter BioAcoustic EveNT ClassifiER
banterGuide BANTER Guide
getBanterModel Extract Random Forest Model
getBanterModelData Extract Random Forest Model Data
getDetectorNames Detector Names
getSampSize Sample Size
initBanterModel Initialize BANTER model
modelPctCorrect Model Percent Correct
numCalls Number and Proportion of Calls
numEvents Number of Events
plotDetectorTrace Plot BANTER Detector Traces
predict Predict BANTER events
predict-method Predict BANTER events
predict.banter_model Predict BANTER events
propCalls Number and Proportion of Calls
removeBanterDetector Add a BANTER Detector Model
runBanterModel Run BANTER Model
subsampleDetections Subsample Detections
summary BANTER Classifier Model Summary
summary-method BANTER Classifier Model Summary
summary.banter_model BANTER Classifier Model Summary Testing events and detectors Training events and detectors