Dissimilarity-Based Functions for Ecological Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘ecodist’ version 2.0.7

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ecodist-package Dissimilarity-Based Functions for Ecological Analysis
addord Fit new points to an existing NMDS configuration.
bcdist Bray-Curtis distance
bump Nine-bump spatial pattern
bump.pmgram Nine-bump spatial pattern
cor2m Two-matrix correlation table
corgen Generate correlated data
crosstab Data formatting
distance Calculate dissimilarity/distance metrics
ecodist Dissimilarity-Based Functions for Ecological Analysis
fixdmat Distance matrix conversion
full Full symmetric matrix
graze Site information and grazed vegetation data.
iris.fit Example of adding to an ordination
iris.nmds Example for nmds
iris.vf Example for vector fitting on ordination
iris.vfrot Example for vector fitting on rotated ordination
lower Lower-triangular matrix
mantel Mantel test
mgram Mantel correlogram
mgroup Mantel test for groups
min.nmds Find minimum stress configuration
MRM Multiple Regression on distance Matrices
nmds Non-metric multidimensional scaling
nmds.min Find minimum stress configuration
pco Principal coordinates analysis
plot.mgram Plot a Mantel correlogram
plot.nmds Plot information about NMDS ordination
plot.vf Plots fitted vectors onto an ordination diagram
pmgram Partial Mantel correlogram
residuals.mgram Residuals of a Mantel correlogram
vf Vector fitting
xdistance Cross-distance between two datasets.
xmantel Cross-Mantel test
xmgram Cross-Mantel correlogram
z.no Example for pmgram
z.z1 Example for pmgram