Query the Attentional Control Data Collection

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Documentation for package ‘acdcquery’ version 1.0.1

Help Pages

add_argument Add a filter argument to a list
add_join_paths_to_query Add Join Paths to Query
check_operator Check validity of operator and values
connect_to_db Connect to an SQLite database
discover_id_introduction_steps Discover ID Introduction Steps
find_relevant_tables Find relevant tables based on column name
get_argument_sequence Get argument sequence based on argument relation
get_column_names Get column names from database tables
get_filter_statement Get Filter Statement
make_valid_sql Create a valid SQL statement based on variable, operator, and values
precompute_table_join_paths Precompute Table Join Paths
query_db Query Database
return_id_name_from_table Return ID column name from table name
return_table_name_from_id Return table name from ID column name