Custom 'Bootstrap' 'Sass' Themes for 'shiny' and 'rmarkdown'

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Documentation for package ‘bslib’ version 0.3.1

Help Pages

bootswatch_themes Obtain a list of all available bootswatch themes.
bs_add_functions Add low-level theming customizations
bs_add_mixins Add low-level theming customizations
bs_add_rules Add low-level theming customizations
bs_add_variables Add low-level theming customizations
bs_bundle Add low-level theming customizations
bs_current_theme Obtain the currently active theme at render time
bs_dependency Themeable HTML components
bs_dependency_defer Themeable HTML components
bs_get_contrast Retrieve Sass variable values from the current theme
bs_get_variables Retrieve Sass variable values from the current theme
bs_global_add_rules Global theming
bs_global_add_variables Global theming
bs_global_bundle Global theming
bs_global_clear Global theming
bs_global_get Global theming
bs_global_set Global theming
bs_global_theme Global theming
bs_global_theme_update Global theming
bs_remove Remove or retrieve Sass code from a theme
bs_retrieve Remove or retrieve Sass code from a theme
bs_theme Create a Bootstrap theme
bs_themer Theme customization UI
bs_theme_dependencies Compile Bootstrap Sass with (optional) theming
bs_theme_preview Preview the currently set theme
bs_theme_update Create a Bootstrap theme
font_collection Helpers for importing web fonts
font_face Helpers for importing web fonts
font_google Helpers for importing web fonts
font_link Helpers for importing web fonts
is_bs_theme Create a Bootstrap theme
nav Navigation items
navs_bar Navigation containers
navs_hidden Navigation containers
navs_pill Navigation containers
navs_pill_card Navigation containers
navs_pill_list Navigation containers
navs_tab Navigation containers
navs_tab_card Navigation containers
nav_content Navigation items
nav_hide Dynamically update nav containers
nav_insert Dynamically update nav containers
nav_item Navigation items
nav_menu Navigation items
nav_remove Dynamically update nav containers
nav_select Dynamically update nav containers
nav_show Dynamically update nav containers
nav_spacer Navigation items
page Create a Bootstrap page
page_fill Create a Bootstrap page
page_fixed Create a Bootstrap page
page_fluid Create a Bootstrap page
page_navbar Create a Bootstrap page
run_with_themer Theme customization UI
theme_bootswatch Obtain a theme's Bootswatch theme name
theme_version Obtain a theme's Bootstrap version
versions Available Bootstrap versions
version_default Available Bootstrap versions