Toolkit for Electroencephalography Data

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Documentation for package ‘eegkit’ version 1.0-4

Help Pages

eegkit-package Toolkit for Electroencephalography Data
eegcap Draws EEG Cap with Selected Electrodes
eegcap2d Draws 2D EEG Cap
eegcapdense Draws Dense EEG Cap with Selected Electrodes
eegcoord EEG Cap Coordinates
eegdense Dense EEG Cap Coordinates
eegfft Fast Fourier Transform of EEG Data
eegfilter Filters EEG Data
eeghead Dummy Head for 3d EEG Plots
eegica Independent Component Analysis of EEG Data
eegkit Toolkit for Electroencephalography Data
eegmesh EEG Cap for Dense Coordinates
eegpsd Plots Power Spectral Density of EEG Data
eegresample Change Sampling Rate of EEG Data
eegsim Simulate Event-Related Potential EEG Data
eegsmooth Spatial and/or Temporal Smoothing of EEG Data
eegspace Plots Multi-Channel EEG Spatial Map
eegtime Plots Single-Channel EEG Time Course
eegtimemc Plots Multi-Channel EEG Time Course