Simplified Data Analysis with Wrapper Functions for the 'Data.Table' Package

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Documentation for package ‘DTwrappers’ version 0.0.2

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add.backtick Add backtick
dt.calculate dt.calculate
dt.choose.cols dt.choose.cols
dt.choose.rows dt.choose.rows
dt.count.rows dt.count.rows
dt.define.variable dt.define.variable
dt.first.k.rows dt.first.k.rows
dt.last.k.rows dt.last.k.rows
dt.remove.variables dt.remove.variables
dt.sort dt.sort
reduce.vector.expression Takes a numeric vector and produces a statement with a more compact representation. For instance, c(1,2,3,4) would become '1:4' and c(1:3, 4:6) could become '1:6'.