Arbitrary-Precision Integer and Floating-Point Mathematics

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Documentation for package ‘bignum’ version 0.3.2

Help Pages

as_bigfloat High-Precision Numeric Vectors
as_biginteger Arbitrary-Precision Integer Vectors
bigfloat High-Precision Numeric Vectors
biginteger Arbitrary-Precision Integer Vectors
bignum-arith Arithmetic operations
bignum-compare Comparison operations
bignum-constants Constants
bignum-format Format a bignum vector
bignum-math Mathematical operations
bignum-special Check for special values
bigpi Constants
format.bignum_bigfloat Format a bignum vector
format.bignum_biginteger Format a bignum vector
is_bigfloat High-Precision Numeric Vectors
is_biginteger Arbitrary-Precision Integer Vectors
NA_bigfloat_ Constants
NA_biginteger_ Constants
seq.bignum_vctr Sequences of bignum vectors