Empirical Bayes Multi-State Cox Model

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Documentation for package ‘ebmstate’ version 0.1.2

Help Pages

ebmstate-package Empirical Bayes multi-state Cox model
boot_coxrfx Bootstrap confidence intervals for regression coefficients
boot_ebmstate Bootstrap samples and bootstrap interval estimates
boot_probtrans Bootstrap confidence intervals for transition probabilities
CIs_for_target_state Ancillary function of 'boot_ebmstate'.
convolute_Markov Convolution function for Markov models
convolute_semiMarkov Convolution function for semi-Markov models
CoxRFX Empirical Bayes, multi-state Cox model
coxrfx_object_sample Example of an empirical Bayes model fit
cumhazCIs_for_target_transition Ancillary function of 'boot_ebmstate'.
cumhaz_splines Spline approximations of the cumulative hazard functions
extract_function Ancillary function to 'boot_ebmstate'.
joint_cum_hazard_function Compute the cumulative hazard of leaving a given state
loo_ebmstate Leave-one-out estimation
MakeInteger Convert factor to integer.
msfit_generic Compute subject-specific transition hazards.
msfit_generic.coxrfx Compute subject-specific transition hazards.
msfit_generic.default Compute subject-specific transition hazards.
msfit_object_sample Estimated cumulative hazard rates under an empirical Bayes Cox model (example)
mstate_data_sample A simulated event-history data set
print.coxrfx Print method for CoxRFX objects
print.msfit Print method for 'msfit' objects generated by 'msfit_generic'
probtrans_by_convolution Compute all transition probabilities from a given state using convolution
probtrans_by_convolution_Markov Compute transition probabilities under a non-homogeneous Markov model using a convolution algorithm.
probtrans_by_convolution_semiMarkov Compute transition probabilities under a semi-Markov model using a convolution algorithm.
probtrans_ebmstate Compute subject-specific transition probabilities using convolution.
probtrans_mstate Compute subject-specific or overall transition probabilities
probtrans_mstate.coxrfx Compute subject-specific or overall transition probabilities
probtrans_mstate.default Compute subject-specific or overall transition probabilities
successful_transitions Find the unique possible path until an absorbing state
summary.coxrfx A summary method for CoxRFX models
unique_paths Find all possible paths until absorption from a given starting state