Resolving Plant Taxon Names Using the Australian Plant Census

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Documentation for package ‘APCalign’ version 0.1.3

Help Pages

align_taxa Find taxonomic alignments for a list of names to a version of the Australian Plant Census (APC) through standardizing formatting and checking for spelling issues
create_species_state_origin_matrix Process geographic data and return state level species origin and diversity counts
create_taxonomic_update_lookup Create a lookup table to help fix the taxonomy for a list of Australian plant species
gbif_lite GBIF Australian Plant Data
load_taxonomic_resources Load taxonomic resources from either stable or current versions of APC and APNI
native_anywhere_in_australia Check if a vector of species are native anywhere in Australia
standardise_names Standardise Taxon Names
state_diversity_counts Calculate Australian plant state-level diversity for native, introduced, and more complicated species origins
strip_names Strip taxonomic names of subtaxa designations and special characters
update_taxonomy Use APC and APNI to update taxonomy, replacing synonyms to current taxa where relevant