Practical Tools for Scientific Computations and Visualizations

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Documentation for package ‘cooltools’ version 2.1.27

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.cooltools.env Package environment
alp Associated Legendre Polynomials
approxfun2 Bilinear interpolation function of data on a regular grid
bindata Bin two-dimensional data in one dimension
car2pol Cartesian to polar/cylindrical coordinate conversion
car2sph Cartesian to spherical coordinate conversion
cmplx2col Convert complex numbers to color
colorbar Vertical color bar
contourlevel Find contour levels of a d-dimensional density field
cooltools Practical Tools for Scientific Computations and Visualizations
cosmofct Fast cosmology conversion functions
cshift Circularly shift each dimension of an array
cst Scientific constants
cubehelix Cube Helix colour palette
dft Discrete Fourier Transform
dftgrid Produce coordinates for Discrete Fourier Transform
dpqr d/p/q/r-family for a custom distribution
entropy Information entropy
errlines Draw a line with uncertainty regions
fibonaccisphere Evenly distributed n points on a sphere
gradient Compute gradient
grf Gaussian Random Field generator
griddata Distribute a point set onto a regular grid
histcoord Generate histogram coordinates from mid points
inertia Inertia tensor
invert Invert and shift colors of an image
is.equal Numerical equality check
kde2 Multi-dimensional adaptive kernel density estimation
landyszalay Two-point correlation estimation
last Last element of a vector
lightness Change lightness of a color
lim Crop values to a custom range
linuxspaces Handle spaces in Linux filenames
loadbin Read binary data into array
makeframe Display a single movie frame
makemovie Produce a movie from frame-drawing function
mcintegral Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo integration in any dimension
midseq Mid-points of regular grid
mollweide Mollweide projection
moments Second moment tensor
mutual Mutual information of two random variables
ndft Non-uniform Discrete Fourier Transform
ngon Draw a regular n-gon
nplot Make empty plot area
paircount Count the number of point-pairs in distance bins
pdf2jpg Convert pdf to jpg
planckcolors Planck CMB colour palette
pol2car Polar/cylindrical to Cartesian coordinate conversion
quadrupole Quadrupole tensor
quiet Suppress in-routine output
rasterflip Flip array to be displayed with rasterImage()
rebindensity Re-bin density histograms
rng Random number generator for a custom d-dimensional distribution
rotation2 2D rotation matrix
rotation3 3D rotation matrix
runif2 Generate randomly oriented vectors in 2D
runif3 Generate randomly oriented vectors in 3D
scalarproduct Scalar product
smartround Round a vector of floating-point values while preserving their sum
smoothcontour Draw smoothed contours
smoothfun Smoothed Function
spectrumcolors Spectrum colour palette
sph2car Spherical to Cartesian coordinate conversion
sphereplot Plot a spherical function or point set
sphericalharmonics Spherical Harmonics
stretch Stretch values to a custom range
subplot Insert a sub-panel into plot
tick Start timer
tock Stop timer
transparent Add transparency to a color
transzoom Zoom, translate and rotate array image
uniquedouble Turn a 64-bit integer into a unique double value
unitvector Normalize vectors to unit length
vectornorm Vector norm
vectorproduct Vector product
wavelength2col Convert wavelength to RGB
yinyangyong Yin-Yang-Yong image