Compute Analytic Hierarchy Process

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Documentation for package ‘AHPWR’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

ahp Calculates the AHP
ahp_geral Calculates the AHP General
ahp_s Calculates the AHP for criteria and subcriteria
autoVetor Calculates the eigen vector of matrix
calcula_prioridades Calculates the priority vector of a paired matrix
CI calculates saaty's consistency index
CR calculates saaty's consistency ratio
flow_chart creates a hierarchical structure
formata_tabela Format an AHP table created by the general ahp() function
formata_tabela2 Format an AHP table created by the general ahp() function
ler Read an excel file containing the paired matrices and turn all your spreadsheets into a list of matrices in R
matrix_ahp creates a dataframe containing the judments holistic
matriz_julgamento Create paired matrix and can test saaty consistency rate
normaliza generates vectors of weights for criteria and alternatives
ranque Calculates the ranking of alternatives
tabela_holistica organizes a table with comparison matrix data
transforma_tabela Transforms table with numbers into percentage with 2 decimal places
xlsx_ahp build file with judment matrices