Parallel Chain Tools for Bayesian Kernel Machine Regression

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Documentation for package ‘bkmrhat’ version 1.1.3

Help Pages

as.mcmc.bkmrfit Convert bkmrfit to mcmc object for coda MCMC diagnostics
as.mcmc.list.bkmrfit.list Convert multi-chain bkmrfit to mcmc.list for coda MCMC diagnostics
comb_bkmrfits Combine multiple BKMR chains
comb_bkmrfits_lowmem Combine multiple BKMR chains in lower memory settings
ExtractPIPs_parallel Posterior inclusion probabilities by chain
kmbayes_combine Combine multiple BKMR chains
kmbayes_combine_lowmem Combine multiple BKMR chains in lower memory settings
kmbayes_continue Continue sampling from existing bkmr fit
kmbayes_diag MCMC diagnostics using rstan
kmbayes_diagnose MCMC diagnostics using rstan
kmbayes_parallel Run multiple BKMR chains in parallel
kmbayes_parallel_continue Continue sampling from existing bkmr_parallel fit
OverallRiskSummaries_parallel Overall summary by chain
predict.bkmrfit Posterior mean/sd predictions
PredictorResponseBivar_parallel Bivariate predictor response by chain
PredictorResponseUnivar_parallel Univariate predictor response summary by chain
SamplePred_parallel Posterior samples of E(Y|h(Z),X,beta) by chain
SingVarRiskSummaries_parallel Single variable summary by chain