Robust and Sparse Methods for High Dimensional Linear and Logistic Regression

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Documentation for package ‘enetLTS’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

coef.enetLTS coefficients from the 'enetLTS' object
cv.enetLTS Cross-validation for the 'enetLTS' object
enetLTS Robust and sparse estimation for linear and logistic regression
fitted.enetLTS the fitted values from the '"enetLTS"' object.
lambda00 Upper limit of the penalty parameter for 'family="binomial"'
nonzeroCoef.enetLTS nonzero coefficients indices from the '"enetLTS"' object
plot.enetLTS plots from the '"enetLTS"' object
plotCoef.enetLTS coefficients plots from the '"enetLTS"' object
plotDiagnostic.enetLTS diagnostics plots from the '"enetLTS"' object
plotResid.enetLTS residuals plots from the '"enetLTS"' object
predict.enetLTS make predictions from the '"enetLTS"' object.
print.enetLTS print from the '"enetLTS"' object
residuals.enetLTS the residuals from the '"enetLTS"' object
weights.enetLTS binary weights from the '"enetLTS"' object