Generates a Visualization of Classifier Performance as a Grid of Diagnostic Plots

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Documentation for package ‘classifierplots’ version 1.4.0

Help Pages

classifierplots-package The main functions you want are 'classifierplots' or 'classifierplots_folder'.
accuracy_plot accuracy_plot
calculate_auc calculate_auc
calibration_plot calibration_plot
classifierplots The main functions you want are 'classifierplots' or 'classifierplots_folder'.
classifierplots_folder classifierplots_folder
density_plot density_plot
example_predictions Generated using the gen_example included in the github source
lift_plot lift_plot
notation_key_plot notation_key_plot
positives_plot positives_plot
precision_plot precision_plot
propensity_plot propensity_plot
recall_plot recall_plot
roc_plot roc_plot
sigmoid sigmoid