Data Analysis using Bootstrap-Coupled Estimation

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Documentation for package ‘dabestr’ version 0.3.0

Help Pages

cliffs_delta Compute Effect Size(s)
cohens_d Compute Effect Size(s)
cohen_d_standardizers Compute the standardizers for Cohen's d
dabest Prepare Data for Analysis with dabestr
dabestr dabestr: A package for producing estimation plots.
hedges_correction Returns the exact Hedges' correction factor for Cohen's d.
hedges_g Compute Effect Size(s)
lsat_scores LSAT Scores.
mean_diff Compute Effect Size(s)
median_diff Compute Effect Size(s)
plot.dabest_effsize Create an Estimation Plot
print.dabest Print a 'dabest' object
print.dabest_effsize Print a 'dabest_effsize' object
transcription_scores Transcription Scores.
wellbeing_ind Wellbeing Scores (2 independent groups).
wellbeing_paired Wellbeing Scores (Before and after design).