Comprehensive Science Mapping Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘bibliometrix’ version 4.2.1

Help Pages

bibliometrix-package Comprehensive Science Mapping Analysis
authorProdOverTime Top-Authors' Productivity over Time
biblioAnalysis Bibliometric Analysis
bibliometrix Comprehensive Science Mapping Analysis
biblioNetwork Creating Bibliographic networks
biblioshiny Shiny UI for bibliometrix package
bibtag Tag list and bibtex fields.
bradford Bradford's law
citations Citation frequency distribution
cocMatrix Bibliographic bipartite network matrices
collabByRegionPlot Country Collaboration Networks by Region
conceptualStructure Creating and plotting conceptual structure map of a scientific field
convert2df Import and Convert bibliographic export files and API objects.
countries Index of Countries.
couplingMap Coupling Analysis
customTheme Custom Theme variables for Biblioshiny.
dominance Authors' dominance ranking
duplicatedMatching Searching of duplicated records in a bibliographic database
fieldByYear Field Tag distribution by Year
Hindex h-index calculation
histNetwork Historical co-citation network
histPlot Plotting historical co-citation network
idByAuthor Get Complete Author Information and ID from Scopus
keywordAssoc ID and DE keyword associations
KeywordGrowth Yearly occurrences of top keywords/terms
localCitations Author local citations
logo Bibliometrix logo.
lotka Lotka's law coefficient estimation
mergeDbSources Merge bibliographic data frames from SCOPUS and WoS
metaTagExtraction Meta-Field Tag Extraction
missingData Completeness of bibliographic metadata
net2Pajek Save a network graph object as Pajek files
net2VOSviewer Open a bibliometrix network in VosViewer
networkPlot Plotting Bibliographic networks
networkStat Calculating network summary statistics
normalizeCitationScore Calculate the normalized citation score metric
normalizeSimilarity Calculate similarity indices
plot.bibliodendrogram Plotting dendrogram resulting from Conceptual Structure Analysis
plot.bibliometrix Plotting bibliometric analysis results
plotThematicEvolution Plot a Thematic Evolution Analysis
readFiles DEPRECATED: Load a sequence of ISI or SCOPUS Export files into a large character object
retrievalByAuthorID Get Author Content on SCOPUS by ID
rpys Reference Publication Year Spectroscopy
sourceGrowth Number of documents published annually per Top Sources
splitCommunities Splitting Network communities
stopwords List of English stopwords.
summary.bibliometrix Summarizing bibliometric analysis results
summary.bibliometrix_netstat Summarizing network analysis results
tableTag Tabulate elements from a Tag Field column
termExtraction Term extraction tool from textual fields of a manuscript
thematicEvolution Perform a Thematic Evolution Analysis
thematicMap Create a thematic map
threeFieldsPlot Three Fields Plot
timeslice Bibliographic data frame time slice
trim Deleting leading and ending white spaces
trim.leading Deleting leading white spaces
trimES Deleting extra white spaces