Read Epanet Files into R

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Documentation for package ‘epanetReader’ version 0.7.3

Help Pages

epanetReader-package Read text files from Epanet into R
binBreaker Bin Breaker
epanet.inp Read .inp file
epanetDefaultOptions Epanet Default Options
epanetmsx.rpt Read msx results
epanetReader Read text files from Epanet into R
expandedLinkTable Expanded Link Table
is.epanet.inp Check if an object as class 'epanet.inp'
is.epanet.rpt Check if an object has class 'epanet.rpt'
is.epanetmsx.rpt Check if an object has class 'epanetmsx.rpt'
is.expandedLinkTable Check if an object has class 'expandedLinkTable'
is.sparkline Check if an object has class 'sparkline'
is.sparklineTable Check if an object has class 'sparklineTable'
Net1 Epanet's Net1 Example
Net1rpt Epanet's Net1 Example
plot.epanet.inp Plot Method for epanet.inp
plot.epanet.rpt Plot Simulation Results
plot.epanetmsx.rpt Plot method for epanetmsx.rpt
plot.expandedLinkTable plot an expanded link table
plot.sparkline Plot a sparkline
plot.sparklineTable Plot Sparkline Table
plotElementsLegend Plot Legend of Network Elements
plotInpLinks Plot .inp Links
plotInpNodes Plot Node Elements
plotSparklineTable Plot Sparkline Table
print.summary.epanet.rpt Print rpt summary
print.summary.epanetmsx.rpt Print msx rpt summary
read.inp Read .inp file
read.msxrpt Read msx results
read.rpt Read .rpt file
read_lines_wrapper Read lines wrapper
sparkline Sparkline
sparklineTable Sparkline Table
summary.epanet.inp Summary Method for epanet.inp
summary.epanet.rpt Summary of Epanet Simulation Results
summary.epanetmsx.rpt Summary of Epanet-msx Simulation Results
write.inp Write .inp file