Infer Geographic Origin from Isotopic Data

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Documentation for package ‘assignR’ version 2.4.0

Help Pages

assignR Tools for inferring geographic origin from isotopic data
c.wDist Combine method for wDist objects
calRaster Rescale isoscape using linear regression
d2h_lrNA data: low resolution North American growing season H isoscape
getIsoscapes Download and unpack isoscapes from the web
isoStack Stack isoscapes
jointP Joint probability of origin
knownOrig data: database of H and O isotope data for tissues of known origin
naMap data: North America boundary map
oddsRatio Odds ratio of points or regions
pdRaster Probability of origin surfaces
plot.isoStack Plot method for stacked isoscapes
plot.QA Plot quality metrics for geographic assignments
plot.wDist Plot weighted distance and bearing distributions
QA Quality assessment of geographic assignments
qtlRaster Sample assignment using thresholds
refTrans Transform reference scale of data
sr_MI data: low resolution locally weathered Sr isoscape for Michigan
states data: outline of US states
stds data: documentation of keratin H and O isotope standard calibrations
subOrigData Extract known origin sample data
unionP Union probability of origin
wDist Probability weighted distances and bearings
wrld_simpl data: world boundary map