Compare Detrital Zircon Suites

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Documentation for package ‘detzrcr’ version 0.3.1

Help Pages

calc_ab Calculate slope and intercept
calc_dens Calculate 1D density of age data
calc_dens_hist Calculate scaled 1d density
calc_dkw Dvoretzky-Kiefer-Wolfowitz inequality
calc_hf Calculate hafnium values.
calc_o_param Calculate 1-O
calc_p_apply Calculate intercepts and associated p-value
calc_quantiles Calculate quantiles
check_conc Check concordancy of input ages
combine_matrices Combine two square matrices
concX Calculate U235 at given age
concY Calculate U238 at given age
dzr_mix Calculate mixing model
find_maxima Find maxima.
find_plot_max Find maximum value for plotting.
find_plot_min Find minimum value for plotting
find_plot_min_max Wrapper function for 'find_plot_min' and 'find_plot_max'
hfhf_chur 176Hf/177Hf value of CHUR.
hfhf_dm 176Lu/177Hf value of DM.
hf_lines Produce CHUR and DM lines
lambda_lu Decay constant of 176Lu.
lambda_u235 Decay constants of 235U.
lambda_u238 Decay constants of 238U.
luhf_chur 176Lu/177Hf value of CHUR.
luhf_dm 176Lu/177Hf value of DM.
luhf_zrc 176Lu/177Hf value of average continental crust.
make_tiling Produce data.frame of 1-O matrix suitable for geom_tile
Natal_group Dataset Natal group
o_param_matrix_age Populate matrix with age 1-O
o_param_matrix_tdm Populate matrix with model age 1-O
plot_axis_lim Axes limits for ggplot2
plot_bw_theme Stripped down theme for ggplot2
plot_dens Plot 1d density
plot_dens_hist Plot 1d density with histogram
plot_ecdf Plot ecdf
plot_hf Plot Lu-Hf data
plot_labels Labels for ggplot2 plots
plot_point_scale Add manual shape scale to scatter plot
plot_quantiles Plot quantiles
plot_reimink Plot likelihood of intercept ages
plot_text_options Modify text options of plots
plot_tile Tile plot of 1-O matrix
populate_matrix Populate matrix
quant_bounds Calculate confidence bands for lower and upper quartile
reimink Calculate upper and lower concordia intercepts from discordant detrital zircon data
run_detzrcr Launch shiny interface
satkoski_1d Calculate 1d likeness of detrital zircon populations
satkoski_1d_matrix Pairwise Satkoski likeness
satkoski_2d Calculate 2d (age and Lu-Hf) likeness of detrital zircon populations
satkoski_2d_matrix Pairwise 2d Satkoski likeness
tile_func Ready 1-O matrix for tile plot
tiling Apply tile_func to vector
u238_u235_ratio Atomic ratio of 238U and 235U.