Bootstrapped Differences of Time Series

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Documentation for package ‘bdots’ version 1.2.5

Help Pages

ar1Solver Compute AR1 correlation coefficient
bdotsBoot Create bootstrapped curves from bdotsObj
bdotsCorr Correlation with fixed value in bdots
bdotsFit Fit nlme curves to grouped observations
bdotsFitter Fits Individual Subject Curve
bdotsRefit Refit Observations Returned from bdotsFit
bdRemove bdots Remove Function
ci ci dataset
coef.bdotsObj Extract bdotsFit Moedel Coefficients
coefWriteout Create 'data.table' with 'bdotsObj' parameters
cohort_unrelated cohort_unrelated dataset
curveFitter Curve Fitter
df_cohort_unrelated df_cohort_unrelated dataset
df_target df_target dataset
doubleGauss Double Gauss curve function for nlme
doubleGauss2 DoubleGauss2 curve function for nlme
effectiveAlpha_f Effective Alpha Functional
expCurve Exponential curve function
findModifiedAlpha Find modified alpha
fwerAlpha fwerAlpha
getFitCorforGroups Get Fit Correlations
getSubCurveValues Return fitted values
linear Linear curve function
logistic Logistic curve function for nlme
parTest2 Parameter t-test
plot.bdotsBootObj Plot for object of class bdotsBootObj
plot.bdotsCorrObj Plots for bdotsCorr
plot.bdotsObj Plot a bdotsFit object
polynomial Polynomial curve function for nlme
print.bdotsBootObj Print 'bdotsBootObj'
print.bdotsBootSummary Print bdotsBoot Summary
print.bdotsPars_ttest2 Print Parameter Test Summary
print.bdotsSummary Print bdotsObj Summary
p_adjust Adjust P-values for Multiple Comparisons
rbindlist.bdObjList rbindlist for bdotsObjects
split.bdotsObj Split object of class bdotsObj
subset.bdotsBootObj Subset a nested group bdotsBoot objects
summary.bdotsBootObj Summary for bdotsBootObj
summary.bdotsObj Summary for bdotsObj
target target dataset
writeCSV Write fits from 'bdotsBoot' to csv file