Extract Drug Dosages from Free-Text Prescriptions

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Documentation for package ‘doseminer’ version 0.1.2

Help Pages

clean_prescription_text Clean up raw prescription freetext
cprd Sample electronic prescribing dataset
drug_units Medication dosage units
example_cprd Example freetext prescriptions
example_prescriptions Example freetext prescriptions
extract_dose_unit Extract units of dose from freetext prescriptions.
extract_from_prescription Extract dosage information from free-text English-language prescriptions
hourly_to_daily Convert hourly to daily frequency
latin_medical_terms List of Latin medical and pharmaceutical abbreviations
multiply_dose Evaluate a multiplicative plaintext expression
numb_replacements Dictionary of English names of numbers
regex_numbers Regular expression to match numbers in English
replace_numbers Replace English number phrases with their decimal representations
weekly_to_daily Convert weekly interval to daily interval
words2number Convert English names of numbers to their numerical values