Mean and Variance Modeling of Count Data

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Documentation for package ‘CountsEPPM’ version 3.0

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CountsEPPM-package Fitting of EPPM models to count and binary data. Ceriodaphnia data
coef.CountsEPPM Extraction of model coefficients for CountsEPPM Objects
cooks.distance.CountsEPPM Cook's distance for CountsEPPM Objects
CountsEPPM Fitting of EPPM models to count data.
EPPMprob Calculation of vector of probabilities for a extended Poisson process model (EPPM).
Faddyprob.general Calculation of vector of probabilities for a Faddy distribution.
Faddyprob.limiting Calculation of vector of probabilities for the limiting form of the Faddy distribution.
fitted.CountsEPPM Extraction of fitted values from CountsEPPM Objects
hatvalues.CountsEPPM Extraction of hat matrix values from CountsEPPM Objects Green-backed herons as two groups Green-backed herons as two groups
LL.gradient Function used to calculate the first derivatives of the log likelihood with respect to the model parameters.
LL.Regression.Counts Function called by optim to calculate the log likelihood from the probabilities and hence perform the fitting of regression models to the binary data.
logLik.CountsEPPM Method for CountsEPPM object
LRTruncation Probabilities for distributions truncated on the left (lower) and/or right (upper).
Luningetal.litters Number of trials (implantations) in data of Luning, et al. (1966)
Model.Counts Function for obtaining output from distributional models.
Model.Faddy Function for Faddy distribution with log link.
Model.FaddyJMV.general Function for a general Faddy distribution modeled by means and scale-factors.
Model.FaddyJMV.limiting Function to fit the limiting form of a Faddy distribution for under-dispersed counts.
plot.CountsEPPM Diagnostic Plots for CountsEPPM Objects
predict.CountsEPPM Prediction Method for CountsEPPM Objects
print.CountsEPPM Printing of CountsEPPM Objects
print.summaryCountsEPPM Printing of summaryCountsEPPM Objects
residuals.CountsEPPM Residuals for CountsEPPM Objects
summary.CountsEPPM Method for CountsEPPM object Takeover bids data. Titanic survivors data
vcov.CountsEPPM Variance/Covariance Matrix for Coefficients
waldtest.CountsEPPM Wald Test of Nested Models for CountsEPPM Objects
Williams.litters Number of trials (implantations) of data of Williams (1996).