Clique Percolation for Networks

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Documentation for package ‘CliquePercolation’ version 0.3.0

Help Pages

cpAlgorithm Clique Percolation Community Detection
cpColoredGraph Colored Network According To Clique Percolation Communities
cpCommunityGraph Plotting Clique Percolation Community Network
cpCommunitySizeDistribution Plotting Clique Percolation Community Size Distribution
cpPermuteEntropy Confidence Intervals Of Entropy Based On Random Permutations Of Network
cpThreshold Optimizing 'k' And 'I' For Clique Percolation Community Detection
immuno Data: Immunoglobulin interaction network
Obama Data: Evaluative Reactions Toward Barack Obama (2012)
print.cpAlgorithm print.cpAlgorithm
print.cpPermuteEntropy print.cpPermuteEntropy
summary.cpAlgorithm summary.cpAlgorithm