Sleep Duration Estimate Algorithm

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Documentation for package ‘ActiSleep’ version 0.2.1

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.onAttach Announce Segmentor3IsBack has Loaded
AccelData Accelerometry Data
aggregate_dat Aggregate Accelerometer Data
cal_mean_idx Calculate Mean Index
ChangeTimeVar Reformat Time Variable
GetDiary_subj Diary In/Out-bed Times
GetEstSleepInterval_subj Estimated sleep interval
read_agd Read in AGD filedata
SearchSleepSeg Find specific sleep segment
Segmentor PDP-based Segmenting Algorithm
Segmentor-class This code was written by Alice Cleynen, Guillem Rigaill, and Michel Koskas as part of the Segmentor3IsBack package, which is no longer in CRAN. It has been imported into the ActiSleep package to ensure this package's longevity.
SleepDiary1Day Sleep Diary 1-Day Data
SleepDiary1Week Sleep Diary 1-Week Data
SleepEstEachDay Daily sleep estimate