Statistical Tools for Filebacked Big Matrices

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Documentation for package ‘bigstatsr’ version 1.5.12

Help Pages

%*%-method Product with a matrix
add_code256 Class FBM.code256
asPlotlyText Plotly text
as_FBM Class FBM
as_scaling_fun Scaling function creator
big_apply Split-Apply-Combine
big_colstats Standard univariate statistics
big_copy Copy as a Filebacked Big Matrix
big_cor Correlation
big_counts Counts for class FBM.code256
big_cprodMat Cross-product with a matrix
big_cprodVec Cross-product with a vector
big_crossprodSelf Crossprod
big_increment Increment an FBM
big_parallelize Split-parApply-Combine
big_prodMat Product with a matrix
big_prodVec Product with a vector
big_randomSVD Randomized partial SVD
big_read Read a file as FBM
big_scale Some scaling functions
big_spLinReg Sparse linear regression
big_spLogReg Sparse logistic regression
big_SVD Partial SVD
big_tcrossprodSelf Tcrossprod
big_transpose Transpose an FBM
big_univLinReg Column-wise linear regression
big_univLogReg Column-wise logistic regression
big_write Write an FBM to a file
block_size Determine a correct value for the block.size parameter
covar_from_df Numeric matrix from data frame
crossprod-method Cross-product with a matrix
crossprod-method Crossprod
diag-method Methods for the FBM class
dim-method Methods for the FBM class
FBM-class Class FBM
FBM-methods Methods for the FBM class
FBM.code256 Class FBM.code256
FBM.code256-class Class FBM.code256
FBM.code256_RC Class FBM.code256
get_beta Combine sets of coefficients
length-method Methods for the FBM class
pasteLoc Get coordinates on plot
pcor Partial correlation
plot.big_sp_list Plot method
plot.big_SVD Plot method
plot.mhtest Plot method
predict.big_sp Predict method
predict.big_sp_list Predict method
predict.big_SVD Scores of PCA
predict.mhtest Predict method
sub_bk Replace extension '.bk'
summary.big_sp_list Summary method
tcrossprod-method Cross-product with a matrix
tcrossprod-method Tcrossprod
theme_bigstatsr Theme ggplot2
typeof-method Methods for the FBM class
without_downcast_warning Temporarily disable downcast warning
[-method Methods for the FBM class
[<--method Methods for the FBM class