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Documentation for package ‘c2z’ version 0.2.0

Help Pages

Cristin Search Cristin API
CristinMonthly Create a month-to-month bibliography of selected units
CristinSupported Check for supported export formats from Cristin to Zotero
CristinUnits create a tibble with information about selected Cristin units
CristinWrangler Wrangle Cristin metadata into Zotero-type format
DoiCrossref Wrangle CrossRef metadata into Zotero-type format
DoiDatacite Wrangle DataCite metadata into Zotero-type format
Zotero Connect to Zotero API
ZoteroAdd Add items to Zotero list
ZoteroCheck Check Zotero library for duplicates
ZoteroCopy Copy collections and items from a Zotero library
ZoteroCran Wrangle CRAN metadata into Zotero-type format
ZoteroDelete Delete collections and items from a Zotero library
ZoteroDoi Use DOI to acquire metadata
ZoteroExport Export Zotero items to bibliography
ZoteroGet Get collections and items from a Zotero library
ZoteroGov Wrangle regjeringen.no metadata into Zotero-type format
ZoteroIndex Create an index of Zotero items
ZoteroIsbn Search libraries using ISBN or MMS ID
ZoteroKey Create Zotero key or write token
ZoteroLibrary Access the Zotero library
ZoteroMatch Search or match items using CrossRef
ZoteroPost Post collections and items to a Zotero library
ZoteroTypes List with empty zotero-items