Data from "The Great British Bake Off"

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Documentation for package ‘bakeoff’ version 0.2.0

Help Pages

bakeoff_colors Extract named *bakeoff* colors as hex codes
bakeoff_palette A *bakeoff* palette generator
bakeoff_palette_names Print names of all *bakeoff* color palettes
bakers Bakers
bakers_raw Bakers (raw)
bakes_raw Bakes (raw)
challenges Challenges
episodes Episodes
episodes_raw Each episodes' challenges (raw)
ratings Ratings
ratings_raw Each episode's ratings (raw)
results_raw Each baker's results by episode (raw)
scale_bakeoff Color scale constructor for *bakeoff* colors
scale_color_bakeoff Color scale constructor for *bakeoff* colors
scale_fill_bakeoff Color scale constructor for *bakeoff* colors
seasons_raw Data about each season aired in the US (raw)
series_raw Data about each series aired in the UK (raw)
spice_test_wide Spice Test