Tutorial Analysis of Some Agricultural Experiments

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Documentation for package ‘agriTutorial’ version 0.1.5

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agriTutorial-package Tutorial Analysis of Agricultural Experiments
agriTutorial Tutorial Analysis of Agricultural Experiments
beet Beet data for Example 2
example1 Example 1: Split-plot design with one qualitative and one quantitative level factor
example2 Example 2: Lack-of-fit and marginality for a single quantitative treatment factor
example3 Example 3: Polynomial regression model with two quantitative level treatment factors
example4 Example 4: One qualitative treatment factor with repeated measurements over time.
example5 Example 5: Transformation of treatment levels to improve model fit
greenrice Rice data for Example 3
rice Rice data for Example 1
sorghum Sorghum data for Example 4
turnip Turnip data for Example 5