General Purpose Interface to 'Elasticsearch'

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Documentation for package ‘elastic’ version 1.2.0

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elastic-package elastic

-- A --

alias Elasticsearch alias APIs
aliases_get Elasticsearch alias APIs
alias_create Elasticsearch alias APIs
alias_delete Elasticsearch alias APIs
alias_exists Elasticsearch alias APIs
alias_get Elasticsearch alias APIs
alias_rename Elasticsearch alias APIs

-- C --

cat Use the cat Elasticsearch api.
cat_ Use the cat Elasticsearch api.
cat_aliases Use the cat Elasticsearch api.
cat_allocation Use the cat Elasticsearch api.
cat_count Use the cat Elasticsearch api.
cat_fielddata Use the cat Elasticsearch api.
cat_health Use the cat Elasticsearch api.
cat_indices Use the cat Elasticsearch api.
cat_master Use the cat Elasticsearch api.
cat_nodeattrs Use the cat Elasticsearch api.
cat_nodes Use the cat Elasticsearch api.
cat_pending_tasks Use the cat Elasticsearch api.
cat_plugins Use the cat Elasticsearch api.
cat_recovery Use the cat Elasticsearch api.
cat_segments Use the cat Elasticsearch api.
cat_shards Use the cat Elasticsearch api.
cat_thread_pool Use the cat Elasticsearch api.
cluster Elasticsearch cluster endpoints
cluster_health Elasticsearch cluster endpoints
cluster_pending_tasks Elasticsearch cluster endpoints
cluster_reroute Elasticsearch cluster endpoints
cluster_settings Elasticsearch cluster endpoints
cluster_state Elasticsearch cluster endpoints
cluster_stats Elasticsearch cluster endpoints
connect Set connection details to an Elasticsearch engine.
count Get counts of the number of records per index.

-- D --

docs_bulk Use the bulk API to create, index, update, or delete documents.
docs_bulk_create Use the bulk API to create documents
docs_bulk_delete Use the bulk API to delete documents
docs_bulk_index Use the bulk API to index documents
docs_bulk_prep Use the bulk API to prepare bulk format data
docs_bulk_update Use the bulk API to update documents
docs_create Create a document
docs_delete Delete a document
docs_delete_by_query Delete documents by query
docs_get Get documents
docs_mget Get multiple documents via the multiple get API
docs_update Update a document
docs_update_by_query Update documents by query
documents Elasticsearch documents functions.

-- E --

elastic elastic
elastic-defunct Defunct functions in elastic
explain Explain a search query.

-- F --

fielddata fielddata
field_caps Field capabilities
field_mapping_get Mapping management
field_stats Search field statistics

-- I --

index_analyze Index API operations
index_clear_cache Index API operations
index_close Index API operations
index_create Index API operations
index_delete Index API operations
index_exists Index API operations
index_flush Index API operations
index_forcemerge Index API operations
index_get Index API operations
index_open Index API operations
index_optimize Index API operations
index_recovery Index API operations
index_recreate Index API operations
index_segments Index API operations
index_settings Index API operations
index_settings_update Index API operations
index_shrink Index API operations
index_stats Index API operations
index_template Index templates
index_template_delete Index templates
index_template_exists Index templates
index_template_get Index templates
index_template_put Index templates
index_upgrade Index API operations
indices Index API operations
ingest Ingest API operations

-- M --

mapping Mapping management
mapping_create Mapping management
mapping_get Mapping management
msearch Multi-search
mtermvectors Multi Termvectors

-- N --

nodes Elasticsearch nodes endpoints.
nodes_hot_threads Elasticsearch nodes endpoints.
nodes_info Elasticsearch nodes endpoints.
nodes_stats Elasticsearch nodes endpoints.

-- P --

percolate Percolater
percolate_count Percolater
percolate_delete Percolater
percolate_list Percolater
percolate_match Percolater
percolate_register Percolater
ping Ping an Elasticsearch server.
pipeline_attachment Ingest API operations
pipeline_create Ingest API operations
pipeline_delete Ingest API operations
pipeline_get Ingest API operations
pipeline_simulate Ingest API operations
preference Preferences.

-- R --

reindex Reindex

-- S --

scroll Scroll search function
scroll_clear Scroll search function
Search Full text search of Elasticsearch
searchapis Overview of search functions
search_shards Search shards
Search_template Search or validate templates
Search_template_delete Search or validate templates
Search_template_get Search or validate templates
Search_template_register Search or validate templates
Search_template_render Search or validate templates
Search_uri Full text search of Elasticsearch with URI search

-- T --

tasks Elasticsearch tasks endpoints
tasks_cancel Elasticsearch tasks endpoints
termvectors Termvectors
tokenizer_set Tokenizer operations
type_exists Mapping management
type_remover Utility function to remove 'type' from bulk load files

-- U --

units-distance Distance units
units-time Time units

-- V --

validate Validate a search