Create Visualisations for BART Models

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Documentation for package ‘bartMan’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

acceptRate acceptRate
bartClassifDiag bartClassifDiag
bartDiag bartDiag
bartRegrDiag bartRegrDiag
bivariate_range Constructor for bivariate range object
bivariate_scale Constructor for bivariate scale object
clusterTrees Cluster Trees by Variable
combineDummy Update Dummy Variable Names
extractTreeData extractTreeData
getChildren Generate Child and Parent Node Relationships
getObservations Get Observations Falling into Each Node
get_stump_colour_for_legend Determines the stump color for a legend based on its mean value
guide_colorfan Colourfan guide
guide_colourfan Colourfan guide
input_data input_data
localProcedure localProcedure
mdsBart mdsBart
node_depth Calculate Node Depths in a Tree Data Frame
pal_vsup Variance suppressing uncertainty palette
permVimp permVimp
permVint permVint
plotProximity plotProximity
plotSingleTree plotSingleTree
plotTrees Plot Trees with Customisations
print.hideHelper1 print.hideHelper
proximityMatrix proximityMatrix
RangeBivariate Constructor for bivariate range object
ScaleBivariate Constructor for bivariate scale object
sort_trees_by_depthMax Sort Trees by Maximum Depth
splitDensity splitDensity
terminalFunction Generate Terminal Node Indicator
train_bivariate Train range for bivariate scale
treeBarPlot Plot Frequency of Tree Structures
treeDepth treeDepth
treeList Generate a List of Tree Structures from BART Model Output
treeNodes treeNodes
tree_dataframe Transform tree data into a structured dataframe
tree_data_example tree_data_example
vimpBart vimpBart
vimpPlot vimpPlot
vintPlot vintPlot
viviBart viviBart
viviBartMatrix viviBartMatrix
viviBartPlot viviBartPlot