Community Dynamics Metrics

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Documentation for package ‘codyn’ version 2.0.5

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codyn-package Community Dynamics Metrics
abundance_change Species Abundance Changes
abundance_difference Abundance Differences
collins08 Konza data from Collins et al. 2008
community_diversity Community Diversity
community_stability Community Stability
community_structure Community Structure
confint.cyclic_shift Confidence Intervals from a Cyclic Shift Permutation
curve_change Curve Change
curve_difference Curve Difference
cyclic_shift Cyclic Shift Permutations
knz_001d Data from Konza Prairie, watershed 001d
mean_rank_shift Mean Rank Shifts
multivariate_change Using dissimilarity-based measures to calculate changes in composition and dispersion
multivariate_difference Using dissimilarity-based measures to calculate differences in composition and dispersion between pairs of treatments at a single time point
pplots Phosphorus plots data from Avolio et al. 2014
RAC_change Rank Abundance Curve Changes
RAC_difference Rank Abundance Curve Differences
rank_shift Mean Rank Shifts
rate_change Rate of community change over successive time intervals
rate_change_interval Differences in community composition over successive time lag intervals
synchrony Species synchrony
temporal_torus_translation Cyclic Shift Permutations
turnover Species Turnover
variance_ratio Variance Ratio