Methods for Cross-Cultural Psychology

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Documentation for package ‘ccpsyc’ version 0.2.6

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boot_inv_eff Bootstrapped pairwise differences in psychometric function of groups.
clearing_fa Function to quickly organize and clear psych factor loadings
dMACS Computes dMACS
equival One-step equivalence testing The function allows for a simple one step test of configural, metric, and scalar equivalence between multiple groups.
example Help and Voice Behavior in different countries
format_boot_inv_eff Improving boot effectsize output
gamma_hat_scaled Gamma Hat from MLM fitted lavaan object
invariance_eff Invariance Effect Sizes
lavTestScore.clean Get more comprehensible output from lavTestScore
mg_rel_table Multi-group reliability table
MNCI Non-Centrality Index
multi_group_eff Pairwise Effect sizes of similarities and difference in the psychometric structure between multiple groups
pancultural Creating a Pan-Cultural Loading Matrix
prost Procrustes rotation function, returning Tucker's Phi
release_bonferroni Examening chisquare improvement if paths are unconstrained. The function returns the paths to be unconstrained based on chisquare change. Adjusted P-values are calculated based on iterative Bonferroni corrections.
splitgroup Split by groups