Tools to Handle and Publish Metadata as 'Atom' XML Format

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Documentation for package ‘atom4R’ version 0.1

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atom4R-package Tools to Handle and Publish Metadata as Atom XML Format
atom4R Tools to Handle and Publish Metadata as Atom XML Format
atom4RLogger atom4RLogger
AtomAbstractObject Atom feed class
AtomAuthor Atom Author class
AtomCategory Atom Category class
AtomContributor Atom Contributorr class
AtomEntry Atom Entry class
AtomFeed Atom feed class
AtomLink Atom Link class
AtomNamespace AtomNamespace
AtomPerson Atom Person class
AtomPubClient AtomPubClient class
cacheAtomClasses cacheAtomClasses
DCAbstract DCAbstract
DCAccessRights DCAccessRights
DCAccrualMethod DCAccrualMethod
DCAccrualPeriodicity DCAccrualPeriodicity
DCAccrualPolicy DCAccrualPolicy
DCAlternative DCAlternative
DCAudience DCAudience
DCAvailable DCAvailable
DCBibliographicCitation DCBibliographicCitation
DCConformsTo DCConformsTo
DCContributor DCContributor
DCCoverage DCCoverage
DCCreated DCCreated
DCCreator DCCreator
DCDate DCDate
DCDateAccepted DCDateAccepted
DCDateCopyrighted DCDateCopyrighted
DCDateSubmitted DCDateSubmitted
DCDescription DCDescription
DCEducationalLevel DCEducationalLevel
DCElement DublinCore element class
DCEntry Dublin Core Entry class
DCExtent DCExtent
DCFormat DCFormat
DCIdentifier DCIdentifier
DCInstructionalMethod DCInstructionalMethod
DCIssued DCIssued
DCLanguage DCLanguage
DCLicense DCLicense
DCMediator DCMediator
DCMedium DCMedium
DCMIVocabulary DCMI Vocabulary class
DCModified DCModified
DCProvenance DCProvenance
DCPublisher DCPublisher
DCReferences DCReferences
DCRelation DCRelation
DCReplaces DCReplaces
DCRequires DCRequires
DCRights DCRights
DCRightsHolder DCRightsHolder
DCSource DCSource
DCSpatial DCSpatial
DCSubject DCSubject
DCTableOfContents DCTableOfContents
DCTemporal DCTemporal
DCTitle DCTitle
DCType DCType
DCValid DCValid
getAtomClasses getAtomClasses
getAtomNamespace getAtomNamespace
getAtomNamespaces getAtomNamespaces
getAtomSchemas getAtomSchemas
getDCMIVocabularies getDCMIVocabularies
getDCMIVocabulary getDCMIVocabulary
registerAtomNamespace registerAtomNamespace
registerAtomSchema registerAtomSchema
setAtomNamespaces setMetadataNamespaces
setAtomSchemas setAtomSchemas
setDCMIVocabularies setDCMIVocabularies
SwordClient SwordClient class
SwordDataverseClient SWORD Dataverse client class
SwordHalClient SwordHalClient class
SwordServiceDocument SwordServiceDocument class