Bivariate Correlated Frailty Models with Varied Variances

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Documentation for package ‘bcfrailphdv’ version 0.1.0

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bcfraildv Bivariate correlated frailty model with Proportional hazard structure when frailty variances of the two subjects are allowed to be different.
bcfraildv.control Arguments for controlling bcfraildv fits.
bcgfrailev Bivariate correlated gamma frailty modeling with Proportional hazard.
coxphgmfr Cox PH model with univariate and bivariate shared gamma frailty model.
print.bcfraildv Print bcfraildv
print.bcgfrailev Print bcgfrailev model
print.coxphgmfr Print coxphgmfr
simbcfraildv Simulate data from bivariate correlated frailty models.
summary.bcfraildv Print bcfraildv
summary.bcgfrailev Print bcgfrailev
summary.coxphgmfr Print coxphgmfr