Construct Graphs of S4 Class Hierarchies

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Documentation for package ‘classGraph’ version 0.7-5

Help Pages

classGraph-package The R Package 'classGraph'
.optRagargs Plot an Ragraph (using Rgraphviz)
bGraph Create a "Branch Graph" (Simple Tree with Root and Leaves)
class2Graph Build the Graph of Super Classes from an S4 Class Definition
classGraph The R Package 'classGraph'
classTree builds a directed graph, typically a tree from a class Object
mRagraph Construct a Laid-Out Graph for Plotting
numOutEdges For each Node of a Directed Graph give the Number Outgoing Edges
plot Plot an Ragraph (using Rgraphviz)
plotRag Plot an Ragraph (using Rgraphviz)
subClasses All Subclasses of a Given S4 Class
superClasses List of Super Classes of a Given S4 Class