Correlation Guided Network Integration (CoNI)

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Documentation for package ‘CoNI’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

assign_colorsAnnotation Assing Colors to Class
Chow_GeneExpData Chow gene expression data
Chow_MetaboliteData Chow metabolite data
Compare_Triplets Compare triplets
Compare_VertexClasses_sharedEdgeFeatures Table VertexClass pairs of shared Edge Features
CoNI Correlation guided Network Integration
CoNIResultsHFDToy Toy data HFD results
CoNIResults_Chow CoNI Results Chow
CoNIResults_HFD CoNI Results HFD
createBipartiteGraph Bipartite Network
create_edgeFBarplot Vertex-class pairs profile of one shared edge feature
create_GlobalBarplot Vertex-class pairs profile of shared features
create_stackedGlobalBarplot_perTreatment Stacked Global Barplot (One treatment)
find_localControllingFeatures Find local controlling features
GeneExpToy Toy data gene expression
generate_network Create network
getstackedGlobalBarplot_and_Grid Stacked Global Barplot Side-by-side (two treatments)
getVertexsPerEdgeFeature Vertex Class profile per edge feature (one treatment)
getVertexsPerEdgeFeature_and_Grid Vertex-Class profile per edge feature Side-by-Side (two treatments)
HFD_GeneExpData HFD gene expression data
HFD_MetaboliteData HFD metabolite data
MetaboExpToy Toy data metabolite expression
MetaboliteAnnotation Metabolite Annotation
MetColorTable Toy data annotation
NetStats Network Statistics
plotPcorvsCor Correlation vs Partial correlation
tableLCFs_VFs Table local controlling edge features and vertex pairs
top_n_LF_byMagnitude Linker Features by magnitude of effect
VertexClassesSharedGenes_HFDvsChow Toy data comparison treatments