Bayesian Regularization for Feed-Forward Neural Networks

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Documentation for package ‘brnn’ version 0.8

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brnn brnn
brnn.default brnn
brnn.formula brnn
brnn_extended brnn_extended
brnn_extended.default brnn_extended
brnn_extended.formula brnn_extended
brnn_ordinal brnn_ordinal
brnn_ordinal.default brnn_ordinal
brnn_ordinal.formula brnn_ordinal
coef.brnn brnn
coef.brnn_extended brnn_extended
D Genomic dominant relationship matrix for the Jersey dataset.
estimate.trace estimate.trace
G Genomic additive relationship matrix for the Jersey dataset.
GOrd Genomic additive relationship matrix for the GLS dataset.
initnw Initialize networks weights and biases
jacobian Jacobian
normalize normalize
partitions Partitions for cross validation (CV)
pheno Phenotypic information for Jersey
phenoOrd Phenotypic information for GLS (ordinal trait)
predict.brnn predict.brnn
predict.brnn_extended predict.brnn_extended
predict.brnn_ordinal predict.brnn_ordinal
print.brnn brnn
print.brnn_extended brnn_extended
print.brnn_ordinal brnn_ordinal
summary.brnn brnn
summary.brnn_extended brnn_extended
summary.brnn_ordinal brnn_ordinal
twoinput 2 Inputs and 1 output.
un_normalize un_normalize