Interface and Tools for 'BDL' API

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Documentation for package ‘bdl’ version 1.0.5

Help Pages

bdl-package bdl: Interface and Tools for 'BDL' API
attribute_info Information about attribute
bdl bdl: Interface and Tools for 'BDL' API
generate_map Generate quick map
get_aggregates Get all aggregates
get_attributes Get all attributes
get_data_by_unit Get data by unit Id's from BDL API
get_data_by_unit_locality Get data by unit locality Id from BDL API
get_data_by_variable Get data by variable Id from BDL API
get_data_by_variable_locality Get data by variable Id for localities from BDL API
get_levels Get all levels
get_panel_data Get panel data by unit and variable Id's from BDL API
get_request Get JSON response from BDL API
get_subjects Get subject id codes.
get_units Get unit NUTS codes.
get_unit_localities Get unit locality codes.
get_variables Get variable id codes.
line_plot Generate quick line plot
pie_plot Generate quick pie plot
scatter_2var_plot Generate quick scatter correlation plot
search_subjects Search for subject codes
search_units Search for units
search_unit_localities Search for unit localities
search_variables Search for variable codes
subject_info Information about subject
summary.bdl Summarize bdl data frame
unit_info Information about unit
unit_locality_info Information about unit locality
variable_info Information about variable