Improving Estimation Efficiency in CAR with Imperfect Compliance

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Documentation for package ‘drcarlate’ version 1.2.0

Help Pages

ATEDGP Simulates the data for ATE estimators
ATEJLTZ ATEJLTZ runs the code for ATE estimator
ATEOutput Computes linear, nonparametric and regularized ATE estimator
ATETrueValue Calculates the true ATE effect.
CovAdptRnd Generate treatment assignment under various CARs
data_table Data used to reproduce Table 5 results in Jiang et. al. (2022)
feasiblePostLassoMatTool Feasible Post Lasso Mat Tool
FuncDGP Generate Data for LATE
JLTZ Reproduce the results of the Jiang et al. (2022)
LinearLogit Linear Regression or Logit Regression
LogisticReg Logistic Regression Function
norminv Inverse of the normal cumulative distribution function (cdf)
Output Computes All the Estimators
pihat Compute Estimated Treatment Assignment Probabilities
splinebasis For each column of an input matrix, elements which are less than the median of that column are set to 0, leaving the rest of the elements unchanged
stanE Compute the Estimated Standard Error of the Input Estimator
tau Compute Estimated LATE
TrueValue Calculate the True LATE tau.