Archetypal Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘archetypes’ version 2.2-0.1

Help Pages

archetypes Perform archetypal analysis on a data matrix.
archetypesFamily Archetypes family constructor
archmap Archetypal maps
archmap_projections Archetypal map projections
as.archetypes Archetypes object constructor
atypes_projection Archetypal map projections
barplot.archetypes Barplot of archetypes.
bestModel Defined generics
bestModel.repArchetypes Return best model
bestModel.stepArchetypes Return best model
body Exploring relationships in body dimensions
coef.archetypes Return coefficients
fitted.archetypes Return fitted data
jd Skeleton plot.
kappa.archetypes Return kappa
lines.pcplot Add lines to an existing parallel coordinates plot.
moviepcplot Archetypes movies.
movieplot Archetypes movies.
movieplot2 Archetypes movies.
nparameters Defined generics
nparameters.archetypes Return number of archetypes
nparameters.repArchetypes Return number of archetypes
nparameters.stepArchetypes Return number of archetypes
panorama Defined generics
panorama.archetypes Panorma plot for archetypes.
parameters-method Return fitted archetypes
parameters-methods Return fitted archetypes
pcplot Defined generics
pcplot.archetypes Parallel coordinates of data and archetypes.
pcplot.default Default parallel coordinates plot.
predict.archetypes Predict method for archetypal analysis fits
residuals.archetypes Return residuals
robustArchetypes Robust archetypes
rss Defined generics
rss.archetypes Return residual sum of squares
rss.repArchetypes Return residual sum of squares
rss.stepArchetypes Return residual sum of squares
screeplot.stepArchetypes Screeplot of stepArchetypes.
simplexplot Simplex visualization
simplex_projection Archetypal map projections
skel Exploring relationships in body dimensions, skeletal measurements
skeletonplot Skeleton plot.
stepArchetypes Run archetypes algorithm repeatedly
summary.stepArchetypes Summary method for stepArchetypes object
toy Toy data set
tspsimplex_projection Archetypal map projections
weightedArchetypes Weighted archetypes
weights.archetypes Return weights
xyplot Two-dimensional plot.
xyplot.archetypes Plot of two-dimensional data and archetypes.
xyplot.robustArchetypes Plot of two-dimensional data and robust archetypes.
xyplot.stepArchetypes Plot of two-dimensional data and stepArchetypes.
xyplot.weightedArchetypes Plot of two-dimensional data and weighted archetypes.
[.stepArchetypes Extract method